Not much provides a genuine welcome to a home than the smell of freshly baked bread. It’s one of the aromas that stirs a deep seated feeling of warmth and comfort inside us – it makes us feel we have ‘arrived’ and we are staying!  No wonder this is a little trick used to sell houses. A clever vendor will knock up a loaf to bake in the oven before or during a viewing. We’ve known people who aren’t the best cooks in the world run down to the shop to buy a loaf to re-heat in the oven before prospective buyers came calling! Freshly baked bread says ‘hello and come in’ to all who get a whiff of that scent up their nostrils. We have a bread recipe to bring the family running.  A Tear and Share Bacon and Blue Cheese loaf that will send the senses swimming with it’s smell! It’s an easy to make bread – as it’s creator Tara Walker of Tasty Tart Cookery School proved when she made and baked it from scratch during her short cookery demo at the recent sheep shearing Championships in Wexford. Anyone can do it, Tara makes it easy and straightforward to follow her recipe. When it’s ready, enjoy it still warm from the oven with more cheese or a platter of savoury cured meats and salamis. Great for serving with a vegetable based soup also – try it with a spicy tomato soup for a wholesome lunch.