How about this for a genius idea? A small co-op of organic milk producers join together with some of the best cheesemakers in Ireland to produce a range of hand crafted cheeses to die for. That’s just what The Little Milk Company are. These farmers are spread throught the provinces of Munster and Leinster, producing organic milk from their own dairy herds. They roped in the likes of Helen Finnegan of Knockdrinna, and a couple of our other prestigious farmhouse cheesemakers, to produce a range of soft and hard cheeses under The Little Milk Company banner. This collaboration is what happens when inspired dairy farmers set out to get the best of their pure organic protein rich milk. And the results are quite something! Milk comes from a mix of Jersey and Montbelliarde cows, and the cheeses are made using traditional cheesemaking techniques. So delicious are they, that since The Little Milk Company first entered their cheeses in awards in 2013, they’ve picked up a clutch of 17 awards in the last year, including Best New Cheese in the International Cheese Awards in 2013. Some going for a small group of farmers. We’re very impressed, and so will you be.  We even saw a grown Frenchman cry with joy when tasting one of these cheeses at a the Sheep Shearing Championships which took place earlier this year. Now that’s an achievement!