A Life in Food

At Ballinwillin, we are passionate about food! Ballinwillin House Farm was originally founded back in 1985. We have been leading producers of venison and in deer farming expertise in Ireland for almost 30 years now.  The farm is steeped in history – having been the first farm in Ireland to reintroduce wild boar  to the country back in 1995. Wild boar was extinct here previously for over 200 years.  Our herd is ever growing. Earlier this year, Lulu,  our wild boar sow gave birth to a very large litter to add to the numbers!  On any given day on the farm you might see some of our magnificent Hungarian Red Deer heard roaming around the pastures,  or our tamed Wild Boar trotting around the fields. They have a very healthy and happy way of life! Our venison products have won awards all over the world and we are internationally recognised for quality and taste. We always receive wonderful compliments about our wild boar specialities, due to their unique and amazing taste. The nature of our organic, grass-fed techniques means  high quality production. We are confident in what we produce, guaranteeing all our customers 100% satisfaction or a refund, no questions asked! Things have gone from strength to strength over the years since we started . In the modern world, online shopping has become the norm. In November 2011 we saw an opportunity to sell our products online in Ireland and the UK.  The internet has also given us huge opportunity to create videos for You tube. We enjoy showing the world how to prepare and cook with the meat products we put so much effort into producing and perfecting! The extensive selection of organic venison & wild boar products include fillets, loins, haunches, smoked, burgers, mince, salamis, steaks, sausages, stewing meats, stir-fry’s, racks, roasts and even wild boar bellies.  So there’s lots to discuss! We enjoy what we do here and have strived always to produce a trusted quality offering which is guaranteed from farm to fork At the farm, we also have a beautiful luxury 4 Star Guest Accommodation that caters to travellers all year round. Visitors love the  wine and farm tour experience. I am particularly passionate about wine production. We have our own vineyards in Hungary and a wine cellar here for tastings of the Chateau Mulcahy range. It’s another aspect our visitors enjoy and we love to share our knowledge with them.  They really love the sessions where we match our wines with our artisan produce.  Great fun and learning experience as well.  Alongside all the farm activities , our home in Mitchelstown  is a great base from which to explore the south.  Miriam and myself can develop customised tours designed for individual tastes. We’re within easy reach of four airports and approximately two hours drive on the N8 from Dublin Mitchelstown is a vibrant market town and only a short walk from the farm gate. Guests and visitors to the farm have the best of both worlds. Peace and tranquillity of a real Irish working farm and the shops and cafes close by! For us, Michelstown is home and the place where we can create the kind of artisan food we love to eat ourselves.  Guests who stay at Ballinwillin always enjoy our unforgettable breakfasts around the farmhouse table. Miriam is a fantastic cook and makes her own bread and scones to go with our farm produced organic breakfast – organic bacon rashers, and black & white pudding cakes. No finer start to the day and guests are ready to explore the region after a plateful!  Summer seems to have arrived at last on the farm in the last few weeks! It’s got us in the mood for barbecuing……. Or better still, come and see us and visit the farm shop we also have here. Nothing nicer than meeting our customers face to face and having them see how our products are created! Read more about Ballinwillin House their Food Shop and Buy their Wild Boar & Smoked Venison online here