Is there a left hander in your family? If so, today’s the day to celebrate them! International Left Handers Day August 13 2013.  Only 13% of the global population is left handed, according to the figures on the Left Handers Day website. How are these rare individuals created? It’s in the genes. Mostly they are children of left handers. Left handedness happens because the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body. Which hand you use is a product of the side of your brain in dominance. It’s said left handers are deep emotional thinkers, good musicians, great artists and more creative in general. So it’s no surprise to find some of our best chefs are left handers too. One such is Barry Liscombe of Harte’s Bar and Grill in Kildare Town.  A recent conversation with Barry revealed his left handedness. It manifests itself in all sorts of ways, and particularly when playing the guitar the ‘wrong’ way round, Paul McCartney style!! Barry’s professional creativity comes to life in the kitchen at Harte’s. New dishes, accompaniments and little special relishes and chutneys are devised daily. Recently on the menu at Harte’s are delicious  Scotch Eggs with free range pork and a soft egg in the middle. When you’ve eaten one of these,  a normal Scotch Egg just won’t have same appeal! If you’re in Kildare this eve or anytime soon, pop along and give a left handed thumbs up to an inspirational young chef in the Good Food Ireland network. We are sure he is not alone – hands up any other chefs we know who are left handed? Left hands  –  of course!!