The feast day of Saint Patrick will be celebrated in style, as usual, this weekend. There might not be time for a big lunch gig. So we’ll be inspired  Rebel County of Cork to produce a serious belly filling Brunch snack before the Green Party kicks off!  What you need first is a fresh baked brown loaf. Duncan and Richard Blair of Blair’s Inn in Co.Cork  have developed an easy recipe for you.  Blair’s Black Rock Stout Brown Bread forms the basis of this brunch and provides filling and tasty sustenance before the weekend celebrations. Find the recipe in our special St.Patrick’s Day recipe listings.  Then you need some good butcher’s home cooked ham, thickly sliced, or better still, a few slices from an Irish ham you have cooked yourself. When the bread is done and cooled but still slightly warm, spread it with a mix of wholegrain mustard and mayonnaise.  Pile on the ham and top with a freshly soft poached free range egg. An easy peasy brunch idea to feed the hordes on Patrick’s Day.  Pour the stout as a drinks partner. Cheers to the Saint!