We’ve been waiting for them since early summer. Reports of their progress have been sought for weeks. At last, they’ve arrived! Better late than never! Irish new potatoes are now in the market. Our first taste of them happened last week – a bag of papery skinned earth covered spuds from Wexford. A quick scrub under cold water, a pot of already boiling salted water and in they went. Cooked till just tender – then served with heaps of butter and salt and pepper. Truly a feast! You can jazz them up with sliced spring onions. Cool them and toss with a light vinaigrette and snipped fresh chives. Include them in a glamorous new version of Salad Nicoise,  with crispy lettuce, green beans, black olives, hard boiled free range eggs and Burren Smokehouse Hot Smoked Organic Irish Salmon, available in the online shop now. Whatever you do with yours, the taste of Ireland’s new potatoes are unforgettable. Their arrival signals the real end of the ‘Hunger Gap’ – where the produce of winter and spring is replaced by the flavours of summer. We all crave that. The new potato season should last well into September. Use the next few months to gorge on these jewels of the earth – then put their flavour in the memory bank till next year!