Mary had a little lamb…we hope we will be joining her this Easter Sunday! New season lamb is in the shops for the holiday weekend. Aside from it’s deliciousness on the table, Easter lamb has religious significance too – with references to the Lamb of God and the Easter sacrifice. Lots of Christian countries enjoy the meat this time of year, in celebration of the Holy holiday. Here’s some Mediterranean inspiration for the kitchen.  The Greeks are known to roast whole lamb on the spit.  In Italy, milk fed lamb of just a month old is sought after for it’s pale flesh. Recipes include roasting leg of lamb slowly in the stone pizza oven, or grilling the tender  cutlets over charcoal.  The Italian name for this dish means ‘lamb that burns the fingers’ – which refers to eating the piping hot chops straight from the grill.  In most Irish homes, a leg of  lamb will be roasted in the traditional way.  Studding with garlic and rosemary sprigs is a typical way to flavour. Mint sauce is a good accompaniment. But before you can do that – you need to buy your lamb first. Very important to get your order in now if you haven’t done it already – there is never enough new season spring lamb to go round. Our Good Food Ireland Approved Provider butchers are ready to take your order. Not the cheapest of meats this time of year – but certainly worth the extra few bob for the superlative quality and flavour it brings to the Easter table.