Piedmont in northern Italy is home to the truffle. Posh mushrooms to you! In reality, a little bit more than just a mushroom really. These hard knobbly little balls are one of the world’s most expensive luxury foods. Much sought after for their intense flavours. Just a few fine shavings add a punch of voluptuous richness to risottos, sauces and meat dishes . In the truffle foraging season, woodlands and hillsides of this part of the world are the playground of pigs – which are used to find this celebrity status fungi. Food of the region includes beef dishes from the meat of  Piemontese cattle, which have successfully made the transition to Ireland under the Irish Piemontese Beef  banner.  No surprise then, to find this verdant region of Italy with  it’s rolling slopes of vineyards,  is also the place of birth of world famous Barolo wine. This majestic red wine is cut out for all that lovely beef and rich truffle recipes.  You don’t have to go to Piedmont to sample Barolo and other Piemontese wines this week. Dublin dwellers and visitors have the region brought to the doorstep in Dame Street this coming Thursday. Toscana Restaurant, owned by husband and wife team Dee and PJ  Betuci, is new to the GFI network. Host Dee and Head Chef PJ are committed to real Italian cooking, using fresh seasonal garden produce and free range eggs from their smallholding at home in Co. Wicklow. They also have a love of Italian wines, which is represented in a special tasting evening this week. Roberto Camee, winemaker from Terra Da Vino wines will be showcasing his stunning wines, including the magnificent Barolo, at a food and wine tasting evening at Toscana. PJ’s specially designed five course menu will be savoured with wines, with tasting hints and questions led by Roberto. The last wine tasting evening was a complete sell out. Get on the phone quick to book your place! The Regions of Italy Wine Tour .. promising to be a night to be remembered.