Toonsbridge Mozarella has been one of Ireland’s major food produce success stories in recent years. This is the country’s  first mozzarella cheese made from buffalo milk from the Toonsbridge herd of buffalo in Macroom. It’s been so lauded and applauded, even the Italians were jealous! Buffalo mozzarella hails from the Naples region and has centuries of tradition. No wonder then, the Toonsbridge Dairy team have recruited a new Head Cheese Maker in the form of Naples born Franco Picciulo. He is a fourth generation maker of the cheese in his home country. He now turns his hand to making the Irish version, along with a host of new buffalo milk cheeses included Buffalo Blue, the new blue cheese from Toonsbridge. Toonsbridge Halloumi is also ready to eat right now, in perfect condition. Franco has recently built a small straw smoker, so he can smoke some of his Mozarella. It’s all go at Toonsbridge – the home of Ireland’s first buffalo herd and now the new home of an Italian who has a wealth of cheesemaking knowledge behind him.