The face of Irish food is ever changing. From time honoured traditional dishes, still much loved and adapted by chefs, to modern Irish creations which have become an intrinsic part of the dining out experience here. The choice for customers is varied and exciting. At Good Food Ireland, we love to see this diversity growing every day. Which is why we are proud to note an emerging trend within the ranks of our prestigious Approved Providers. There are those who choose the best quality Irish produce to create the authentic dishes of other countries. The choice to marry two food cultures is providing a superlative range in international cusine, within the Good Food Ireland ranks. Restaurants like Royal Spice Kilkenny and Ananda in Dublin create the exotic food of Indian with Irish core ingredients. Italian offerings from Tuscany Bistro, Enoteca and La Dolce Vita all rely on the best of Irish fish, meats and fresh produce to represent the regions of Italy in a culinary way. We are excited to announce more Irish/International Good Food Ireland Approved Providers are soon to join this growing movement. We lead the way in offering and serving local produce in a variety of styles and cuisines. Whatever you fancy – be it traditional, modern Irish, Italian, Indian or the classic French cuisine of some of our restaurants, be certain that Good Food Ireland chefs have sourced and highlighted Irish produce on their menus. Enjoy a tasty tour of the world which has Ireland at it’s heart!For all our Restaurant Listings visit here