We’re well into 2014 now. Past half way of the first month of the year. How are your New Year Resolutions shaping up? Don’t look so gloomy. We have news from one of Good Food Ireland’s most longstanding chefs – and better news that he is a fish chef so he’s got lots to say on the subject of daily healthy eating. Barry McLaughlin of Poacher’s Inn, the pub and fish restaurant he runs with his lovely wife Catherine, even made his own ‘ I really mean it this year!’ resolutions. So he knows what it’s like trying to keep them like everyone else who tries after the Christmas indulgence. ‘We’re all in this together, and you know what, we’ll be grand!’ says Barry. So he’s passed on some very serious but useful nutritional information on the daily diet, especially where fish is concerned. We think Barry has been highly informative and strongly agree with what he says. Have a look at what he has to say.. Jump on board for the Catch of the Day! Health:Fish is packed with protein, minerals & vitamins and provides many of the nutrients that we need for good health. Scientists highly recommend that we eat fish twice a week at least. Oil-rich fish(salmon, mackerel and herring) are a great source of Omega 3 which protects against Heart disease and is also beneficial in relieving symptoms of Arthritis. It cannot be overstated how beneficial fish is for kids and adults alike and is great for foetal brain development. Source – see for more nutritional info.Nutrition:Research over the last few decades has confirmed the importance of the nutritional components of Fish in brain development and reproduction. There is strong evidence that consumption of fish plays a major role in protecting against Heart disease and other illnesses. Components of fish are also important in the development & maintenance of the Eyes, Skin & Nervous System.Calorie question – How many Calories in a portion of steamed or Poached Cod? Answer = 90Good to know, eh? Add some wok-fried asian-greens, chilli, soy & chicken broth and some noodles and you have a low-cal, healthy, super-tasty dinner. And that’s just one of a tonne of options.Ireland has transformed in the last 10 years with regard to fish consumption and the graph is still very much on the up. Isn’t it great to know that a food source that is growing on us hugely as a nation is also one that is local, sustainable and beneficial to the economy.A balanced diet (with fish included 1-2 times a week) and an appropriate amount of exercise that suits your situation seems to be the most widely recommended way to achieving a healthy lifestyle, both mentally and physically. What about treats? Can’t see anything wrong with them in moderation (but do as I say on this one, not as I do, I eat too many breads & sweet things, – must moderate!!!)All this health and nutritional information is really great, but can it taste good without adding the naughty stuff? Absolutely, the produce, flavours, knowledge and points of reference we have at our disposal now are more abundant than ever before. Have some fun experimenting with fish at home, when it works for you the satisfaction will be huge. If you prefer to let the restaurant do the work for you, we would be delighted to accommodate you at Poachers Inn with a high variety of healthy fish options.  Many of our industry colleagues will be happy to help also. Eat fish for all the good things that come with it. You know it makes sense!!!!