To Have and to Hold

So there you are in the restaurant, on Valentine’s night last week. The table is beautiful. The drinks are ordered.  But the man in front of you is looking a little edgy. You wonder what’s up. Bad day at work, possibly. Maybe all this love stuff is getting to him and he’s regretting even thinking about going out at all on the night for romance.  He’s fidgeting in his seat. The waiter turns up – with a bottle of fizz and two champagne flutes, not the G&T’s you ordered as your aperitif. You nudge him and mouth that they must’ve brought it to the wrong table. He says nothing. The bottle gets cracked open and poured. The fidgeting is  getting worse. This time he looks like he’s searching for something in his pockets. Oh God, did he forget the door keys again? Blinking typical. And just when you’re starting to think this night is going to be a disaster, he sinks down on one knee, presents you with a little black box,  and utters those four giant words…..   Ok, we might be getting a bit carried away here. But we bet there are quite a few girls sporting sparklers on their third finger,  left hand after February 14th. A wedding to plan,  then. Look no further. Our upcoming wedding venues promotion will ensure you find the perfect spot to celebrate your big day. Watch this space for the best in great local food, romantic locations and all the necessary extras to create a day to remember.