Last weekend the gale gusts  were so ferocious we thought the house was going to collapse. Hailstones threatened to break windows with their force. The ocean was wild in it’s movement as high winds whipped the waves. Seaweed and stones have been lifted from beaches into nearby fields and gardens. Over Christmas, the news was of flooded properties and power cuts the length and breadth of Ireland, due to storm affected power lines. We are weather tossed and wondering where the traditional crisp and chilly days of January are. Jack Frost nipping at your toes etc. While we would anticipate a typical winter scene in Ireland at this time of year –  in other parts of the world, uncharacteristic sub zero temperatures have brought life to a standstill. Niagra Falls actually became a cascade of icicles. What is the weather doing to us? We are confused. Is it just a freak year for winter weather? Or is our planet stricken with a permanent global climate change that means these topsy turvy weather patterns are set to become the norm?Ireland’s extreme stormy conditions are said to strike only once every twenty years. It may be interesting to note that on 30th January, we will also experience a Black Moon rising. This is a rare occasion in the lunar cycle, which heralds the second new moon in the same month. The new year began with a new moon. That moon is still waning. But on Thursday, it will rise again, known as a Black Moon.   Could this be a clue to our weird weather in the last few weeks? The moon is a powerful object which rules our planet, whether we notice it’s influence or not. Biodynamic farming incorporates the natural rythyms of the earth and moon cycles. Farmers use phases between new and full moon for planting. This week’s Black moon will only be visible during the day and is said to bring higher tides than usual. Are the oceans getting ready for that with their reckless behaviour this last few days? This Black Moon is said to be a Supermoon also, which means it will appear bigger in the sky as it grows.  A Black Moon is reputed to bring change and truth along with it. We hope it will bring some settled weather to kick start the gardening and growing season.