Back in early September, we asked our Facebook followers what they would make using seasonal Irish broccoli. The question created huge interest, with over 100 ‘likes’ and many comments from our social networkers, as to what dishes they liked to make. Broccoli is a member of the brassica family of vegetables,  which also include brussel sprouts, cabbage and kale. It’s beneficial to health, a source of Vitamin C for glowing skin and warding off colds and flus, with Vitamin A which aids good vision. Nutritionally,  vibrantly dark green vegetables usually contain Vitamin A – a little tip when you out shopping! The best way to conserve nutrients in green veg is to eat them raw or just lightly cooked.Judging by the comments we received, it seems broccoli has very many fans with lots of ideas on what to do with it. Our own Peter Ward of Country Choice suggested a terrific Broccoli Soup with the addition of some ripe, creamy Cashel Blue cheese. Another suggestion from a follower involved steaming broccoli florets then serving in a mix of soy sauce and lemon juice. There was a recipe idea for a lunch salad, with cold cooked broccoli, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese and red onion, drizzled with honey and mustard dressing. (We’d probably prefer an Irish cheese like Ardsallagh Goat’s Cheese in place of the feta, but hey, we did ask the public what they thought!) YOu might like to check out the post on the Good Food Ireland Facebook page to see what tips others came up with. One of our favourite ways of cooking broccoli is in tiny florets, stir fried in the wok, then tossed with oyster sauce and a little fresh rootginger. Great as an accompaniment to a Chinese style main course – nuggets of healthy green with the savouriness of the oyster sauce to season!