This week has been a week for the wearing of the green!  Now we transfer the green agenda to eating habits! In yesterday’s post, we talked about a taste for lighter foods as better weather sets in. Seasonal greens at this time include the first of the baby spinach and salad leaves,  homegrown leeks, cabbages and sprouting broccoli. Use young spinach in  warm salads or risottos, remembering the tender leaves only need to briefly cooked till wilting. Flavoursome leeks married with Kerr Pink potatoes make a smootand sensuous soup for light lunches or suppers. Sprouting broccoli works as a side dish, or in oriental stir fries. And cabbage, famous for its partnership  with bacon, can also be served as a crisp fried side dish for oriental meals, or cooked in a Pot au Feu style dish of whole chicken poached in stock with onions, garlic and carrots.  All yummy ideas and great ways to get some of your  ‘five a day’ vegetable portions into the diet.