Enda Kenny might not have had this event in mind when he came up with the idea to bring everyone together. A gathering of another kind is taking place in Kilkenny in May. Cider is the reason. It’s normally a bad idea to mix alcohol with cars. (Closed alcohol containers are however acceptable). This is a special occasion.  Highbank Orchard’s release of the Highbank Proper Cider 2012 vintage is much to shout about. This cider is brewed in the old fashioned way – on the farm, with organic homegrown cider apples fermented on their own natural yeasts. To herald this cider’s arrival to market – a showcase of vintage and special motor cars will each bear a bottle on The Great Highbank Cider Run. This extra special brew will be delivered to Brooklodge Hotel, Macreddin Village, after a meandering tour of the scenic countryside of Kilkenny, Wexford, Carlow and Wicklow. The Great Highbank Cider Run kicks off on the eve of 11th of May. A drinks reception will be held at a local hotel in Kilkenny, once the main Ford Garage for the southeast of Ireland. Many’s the winning racing car, circa 1920’s, that was manufactured in what are now the hotel’s main reception rooms. The Cider Run cars will be on show during the evening. On Sunday morning, a sight to behold at Highbank as the car procession gathers to be loaded with the prize cargo for delivery. Spectators are welcome to watch the convoy hit the road. ETA at Brooklodge is 5pm in the evening, where spectators are invited to welcome the cider to the venue of Ireland’s only certified organic restaurant, The Strawberry Tree. During the run, the general public are invited to take part by ‘liking’ their favourite Cider Run car pictures on Facebook during the day. Prizes for the winners! Brooklodge owner Evan Doyle and his team of chefs have planned a whole pig spit roast for those who wish to enjoy dinner on the finish line in this superb location.  Bookings for this feast essential. Check the link to our Events listings for more details.