The weekend is approaching. You might fancy getting in the kitchen to make something nice as dessert after supper on Saturday or Sunday. We’ve got the very thing. A delicious recipe from Malone’s Fruit Farm in Co. Carlow. This farm is a visitor delight. Growing tunnels and outdoor bushes on site can be strolled to see the vast array of summer berries grown here. Strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, loganberries, tayberries and gooseberries are all grown by the Malone family. Afterwards a visit to the pretty farm shop, where you can enjoy a takeaway coffee, tea or hot chocolate while you browse the shelves for fresh berries in season, frozen berries all year round, Irish artisan produce, arts and crafts. Picnic tables at the gate provide a place to sit and enjoy your drink, with a punnet of fresh berries or some cookies or Irish chocolates from the shop. The Malones make their own fruit jams, plus they have great ideas for berry desserts for summertime. Try this Strawberry and Loganberry Tart – a stunner of a dessert to impress the folks this weekend.