October means Halloween. Halloween means Apple Bobbing and Toffee Apples. Apple Bobbing and Toffee Apples means you need get your hands on some Irish apples this month! Our Good Food Ireland shops and farm shops  have Irish apples on sale this month. Apple Bobbing on Halloween is a traditional game – kids love dipping their heads into a bowl of water with apples floating in it to see if they can grab one between their teeth. Great fun, but obviously, needs to be supervised by an adult, especially if there are very young children involved. Toffee Apples are made by dipping the apples in sugar which has been heated to caramelise. Caramelised sugar gets very hot so adults should always make these. Just spear whole small apples on sticks then carefully dip into the caramelised sugar to coat. Leave to set and get crackly. Delicious as Halloween treats.Another lovely joy of Halloween is a warm cauldron of mulled apple juice. In our online shop, we have several Irish apple juices to choose from . All you need do is gently heat your favourite juice in a saucepan, adding cinnamon, ground ginger and a few whole cloves. Serve in heatproof glasses with some fresh apple slices floating on top. A great belly warmer after trick or treating, or on any cold evening when you want to warm up a bit!