The issue of food waste is in the news yet again. A recent article in the Irish Times featured two female entrepreneurs in Dublin, who have used modern technology to link charities with supermarkets who have usable waste food for disposal. Foodcloud is a new company committed to  getting supermarket food waste to charities caring for those who need it most. A strategic move for this country, considering Europe wastes almost 90 million tonnes of food each year, according the article.On a domestic level, food waste also occurs regularly in many homes.. Overbuying at the supermarket, special ingredients bought that don’t get used, leftovers not being utilised for other meals are just some reasons why good food gets thrown away every week. Have you tackled the issue of food waste at home? If so, what have you done to reduce your own waste?Our personal tips are Never go shopping on an empty stomach. Always have a plan for weekly meals and only buy what you really need. Don’t be tempted by special offers that give two for the price of one on perishable items, when you know you will not use the extra.  Shop locally and often for fresh ingredients, and buy just what you need for a day or two. Anymore ideas? We’d love to hear your views.