FOND OF FONDUE? Reinventing a seventies special!

Is Cheese Fondue a thing of the past? It made it’s mark on the culinary world back in the seventies, when no respectable hostess with the mostest would be seen without her fondue set to impress dinner party guests. We think it’s still a classy way to feed people. Not to mention a convivial food experience, where everyone is encouraged to share, dip and chat during the feast. So it might be time to dust off that fondue set that’s been sitting in the back of cupboard the last few years. For those who don’t have one, you can generally find never used fondue sets in second hand shops. Unwanted gifts. Someone’s trash is another person’s treasure in this case! We are encouraging the return of this laid back, relaxed way of eating and entertaining. Try the Knockanore Cheese Fondue recipe in our recipe collection. A stunning creamy smooth mix that includes Waterford’s famous farmhouse cheddar, melted with cider, sherry, mustard and sage. Fabulous with hunks of crusty artisan bread, crisp apple pieces or celery sticks for dipping. Fond of Fondue? We are!