The first major holiday of the year is two months away. Easter Sunday falls on April 20th 2014. Can you  believe there are already chocolate bunnies and eggs in the shops. In some cases, shelved next to the chocolate sale items still left over from Christmas! That’s modern merchandising for you! However…before Easter happens we have to go through the fasting and abstinece of Lent. No good stuff without working for it! Lent is preceded by Shrove Tuesday on March 4th. Otherwise known as Pancake Tuesday. Yes it’s pancake time again. The one day of the year you’re entitled to pig out on pancakes! This day falls before Ash Wednesday which is the official start of Lent. We shall be talking more about Lenten customs in the coming weeks. But for now, let us set you up for a practice run for Pancake Tuesday, with this delightful recipe for Pancakes with Blueberries from Dylan Hotel. Get your tossing technique in order before the big day arrives!