Making the most of the last few weeks of the summer hols with a family day out? Perhaps you’ll be taking a packed lunch with you? Here’s an idea that will top the ordinary ham or cheese sarnies usually piled into the bag!  Ummera’s Smoked Chicken makes a great start for a sandwich topping. This delicate smokey flavoured chicken is produced by Anthony Creswell of Ummera Smokehouse, Timoleague, West Cork. West Cork chickens are used, with a time honoured method of marinating and smoking the breast meat to tender succulence. It slices beautifully. In our Recipes listings, find the instructions for making a sandwich topping with Ummera Smoked Chicken and fresh tarragon, bound in rich Glenilen Crème Fraiche. Anthony recommends Declan Ryan’s Arbutus baguette slices to serve it on. Definitely adds a crusty bite. Click on Recipes to find the easy to follow method. Then to the Good Food Ireland online shop, where Ummera Smoked Chicken Crowns are for sale. Plenty of meat on these crowns for this idea and lots more delicious dishes at home!