Ash Wednesday is traditionally a day for eating fish. This holy day, which marks the start of the Lenten period of fasting and abstinence, is one of the days designated by the Catholic Church when meat should not be eaten.  Whilst complete fasting on Ash Wednesday is not imposed on worshippers of the Catholic faith any longer, according to religious rule, meals should still be kept small and not include meat on this particular day. It’s not a bad piece of general advice to observe for a healthy diet.  Today makes the perfect excuse to eat fish, because according to the experts, we should be eating fish based meals at least three times a week.

 So what will your fish dish be today? There are certainly some fantastic choices among the fish recipes from our Good Food Ireland chefs.  Check them out. Everything from  simple Salmon Fishcakes and Crunchy Topped Cod to the sprauncy Smoked Salmon starter enjoyed by Queen Elizabeth on her state visit to Ireland a few years ago.  Something for every taste – from the common man to royalty!  See what takes your fancy for your fish dish this Ash Wednesday.