In Ireland, Friday is the day to eat fish for dinner. It has a religious connotation, because Friday was seen as a day of fasting when red meat wouldn’t be consumed. Many families still observe this strong tradition. Fishmongers welcome a longstanding Friday trade. Many fishmongers set up stalls in the towns and villages of Ireland on Fridays, knowing their business will be good. But modern research has shown that fish consumption is on the way up, due to the health benefits and low fat nature of this form of protein. Experts recommend 2-3 portions of fish each week for a balanced diet. Many restaurants have seen  a rise in customers choosing fish over meat for lunch and dinner. Which is great news for us as an island, surrounded by very prolific waters which yield a varitey of fish and shellfish during the year. Today we highlight a fish recipe from Good Food Ireland Approved Provider Gleeson’s Townhouse in Rosscommon. Mary Gleeson is an accomplished cook. She knows what her customers like. Her Pan Seared Hake on a bed of stir fried vegetables with homemade Teriyaki sauce is a popular dish on the menu at the restaurant in the Townhouse. It’s a healthy combination and just right for a Friday night supper. Follow the link to find the recipe and enjoy it at home for yourself. Happy Friday.