It’s that time of year when the little birdies out there are beginning to find the search for food difficult. Much of the berries and haws of autumn have now been eaten or withered with cold and rain. Our feathered friends start to suffer as winter draws on. At Good Food Ireland, we realise how important these creatures of nature are in keeping our environment a beautiful place. Who doesn’t llove the sound of bird song in summer time? . Conscientious farmers treasure their hedgerows, where birds can thrive and nest and eat all the bugs that might eat their crops during the prolific growing period! We can do our bit in winter, by putting out a few wild bird seeds and scraps of finely chopped bacon rind on a bird table in the garden garden to keep them going in the cold months. A hanging seed or peanut column on a tree outside your window also provides valuable winter food for the birds  – and hours of birdwatching fun for the family. Spot the many species that may come to visit. Bird peanuts and seeds are easily available in some of our  farm shops and well worth the investment. When spring eventually arrives, your garden may become a neat nesting place for the friends you’ve made during winter.  The cycle begins again.