There’s bound to be plenty of opportunity for entertaining in the festive period. Today we focus on quick ideas that allow you to feed the party like the perfect host or hostess, and allow you to join in the fun. Any of the Irish farmhouse cheeses in our online shop make a perfect cheeseboard. Browse the selection of hand crafted cheeses for a glorious mix of tastes and styles to please the guests. Served with crackers or oatcakes and a pot of artisan chutney, also available in the shop, mean you can fill ’em up without even going near the cooker! If you fancy being a bit more energetic, an oven baked cheese makes a gorgeous winter snack for a small party. Try Cooleeney Farmhouse soft cheese for this. Simply remove it from its wrapping, make a couple of slashes in the top rind, stuff these with fresh rosemary sprigs, season with freshly ground black pepper and place in an ovenproof dish where the cheese fits snugly. Bake in a hit oven for about ten to fifteen minutes till the cheese is lovely and oozy. Serve bread for scooping and some good red wine. Quick and clever for your guests! Also remember that ends of cheeses make good omelette fillings, which means you don’t waste any. Say cheese please this Christmas!