At the time of writing, we are out on the road again,  seeking out potential new Good Food Ireland Approved Providers. Happy to report that there are plenty of exciting establishments and producers just waiting to join the ever growing ranks of the Good Food Ireland army. What always makes an impression on our road trips is the enthusiasm with which the local food ethos is embraced. A long journey in the car may find us weaving our way up a narrow farm path in the heart of rural Ireland. On sunny days, hedgerows are in blossom,  with the promise of autumn harvests of wild berries. Always a pleasure to see.  It could be a day for Wellingtons at the ready though! We’re not adverse to tramping through rain and mud in order to find the best local produce. All in a day’s work. We may be trying to navigate a difficult city one way system in rush hour traffic,  to seek out the entrance of a smart city  hotel. Dublin road users take note – if you see a flustered driver who looks like she doesn’t quite know where she is going – try to be patient! It’s all in the name of good food. Car horn honking doesn’t help!! There’s nothing like the open road and coastal scenery for getting us in the mood to meet farmers, fishermen, producers, hoteliers, guesthouse proprietors, café and restaurant owners and shopkeepers who are hoping to become part of this major food movement of Good Food Ireland. The bar is very high, and in the coming weeks we will be meeting more people who are only too happy to keep it that way. The map is open as we speak, with the next destinations and routes being plotted…exciting times!