Allium ursinum. That’s what you’re looking for next time you are out for a walk in the woods during March and April. You might even find a patch in a field by the side of a country lane. You’ll know it by it’s broad soft leaves and pretty white flowers. You’ll certainly recognise it by the smell. Allium ursinum,  Ramsons,  Buckrams,   Bear Leeks?? Wild Garlic to you! Chefs have given this free foraged food superstar  status in recent years. Better rush out and find some quick,  before it’s all snapped up by the guys in the aprons and the tall white hats! If you do find some, it has many culinary uses.  You can make a version of pesto by pounding the leaves with olive oil and nuts, as in our Homemade Wild Garlic Pesto recipe. Tear the leaves and toss through a delicate risotto with Parmesan or an Irish mature cheddar cheese.  Use it to flavour fish or chicken dishes. It’s free, tasty – and your first find may lead to a lifetime love of foraging. Get out there and start looking for it pronto!