Leisure time is treasure time in a world dominated by the clock.  Whether you’re part of the nine to five rat race, a busy home maker with a schedule of school runs, a top flight executive who’s hours are all hours – a few days off comes as pure bliss for mind and body. Time to stop the roundabout and get off for a wander round the scenery. Of which in Ireland, there is plenty. Rolling hills, majestic mountains, rural retreats and urban streets to discover. Add to that pleasure of enjoying the cuisine of the natives while taking a short break or vacation.  Ireland’s food scene is vibrant. . That’s why we love what we do at Good Food Ireland. There’s no better day’s work in our book than routing out the best food offerings in the land. Purely for your pleasure, of course! Irish led cuisine governs all menus in Good Food Ireland Approved Provider establishments.  From the smallest teashops in far flung places off the beaten track, to five star dining amid the city buzz. No better way to get a taste of the speciality artisan and fresh produce for which this green land is renowned and revered.  A new video on our Home page helps you plot your perfect food trip. We make it easy to find, plan and book the best food stops in the country. No queuing at the travel agents required!  One minute at the laptop equals hours of memorable culinary adventures to come. Click on the video above and see just how easy it is. The only hard thing is deciding where to go…..Top Food Trips