The Daily Grind

For many of you, today is the day for back to work in earnest. Office chairs all over the land will be dusted off and sat on again after a week or two of lying idle. By the end of today, you might already be feeling the drag of January in your step! Lack of light and grey weather makes the day go slowly this time of year.  Fear not, we might just have the antidote to sluggishness and weight gain among our prestigious list of Approved Providers. Good Food Ireland Cookery Schools run classes this time of year on healthy eating and waistline watching. Our Culinary Accommodations with Spas offer superb deals on a weekend break or day visit –  which includes a little pampering and exercise to get you off on the right foot. Something to look forward to – and it will do you good as well! Of course you can start at home by using local produce to cook up healthy family meals that mind the calories whilst keeping you warm and well fed. Check our award winning producers and suppliers of free range chicken and fresh fish, all of which can be incorporated into home cooking in a  healthy way. Approved Provider food shops stock the essentials for wholesome eating in January.  For example, the Good Food Ireland award winning Food Store in Claremorris always has a table full of local seasonal veggies at reasonable prices. Use them raw in crunchy winter salads or cook up a vegetable casserole with carrots, parsnips and leeks, then throw in a can of chickpeas or butterbeans to add bulk and protein. You can buy all of this under one roof so its convenient too. Welcome the New Year with a New You! Good Food Ireland style.