At the recent Food Summit in  Dublin, a larger than expected crowd on the first day meant Good Food Ireland Providers in attendance to feed the delegates were sent scurrying and hurrying to conjure more tasty morsels for the next day. Chefs and producers were hurrying to the four corners of Ireland overnight,  to make more more more of everything!  O’Connell’s of Donnybrook leaped to the task – creating 2000 extra portions of this Mildly Spiced Curry of Dublin Vegetables with Green Saffron Curry Spices. Pots and pans were rattled into the small hours at the O’Connell kitchens, with all the portions delivered bright and early for the second day’s Summit. Well done to O’Connell’s and all the other Good Food Ireland chefs and producers who rose to the challenge and flew the flag for Good Food Ireland over the Food Summit week. If the chefs at O’Connell’s can create 2000 extra portions of this curry in double quick time, it won’t take you long at home to knock up enough for the family! Follow this easy recipe here….A perfect winter warmer for supper!