Down on the Ballykelly farm, in rural County Wexford,  Des Jeffares is hard at it. Up with the lark.  The first rays of sun see him heading off for another long day in the field. These late summer days, his blackcurrant harvest is in full swing.  Jewel-like soft fruit are hanging like nature’s earrings,  on acres of bushes.  Ripe and ready for picking. No time for shirking for Des and his team. This Good Food Ireland Approved Provider producer knows his blackcurrants won’t wait.  It’s taken months of careful attention and many long days of sunshine to get them fully plump, with ripe juicy taste.  ‘It’s a question of timing. When our blackcurrants hit optimum ripeness,  only one thing matters. Getting them harvested in prime condition – quickly.’, he says.  Dry weather is essential. Nature’s window of opportunity is here.   The yard is buzzing with life, as the picked berries are transported from the fields, to be boxed ready for immediate transportation from the farm.  Harvesting is done mechanically,  with gentle action that won’t do damage to the delicate fruit.  Here they are, ready to go.  Perfect fruit with natural goodness,  rich in Vitamin C and vital antioxidants said to prevent many serious illnesses.  Full of the tastes of summer.Buy Des Jeffares Wexford blackcurrants