Craft Beer & Cider

There’s always a lot of talk about food and wine matching at Christmas. So we thought we’d break with tradition and look to our Irish craft beer and cider artisans, for a perfect marriage of food and drink this holiday. Almost all can marry with festive foods. Here are our suggestions: Carson’s Crisp Cider (Armagh) – a dry and refreshing cider which does justice to pork and chicken dishes, especially where cider is used in the sauce or gravy. Madden’s Mellow (Armagh) – slightly sweeter than Carson’s, oddly enough, this makes it great with a piece of mature cheddar and crackers  or a Ploughman’s Lunch of cheese, ham and chutney. The ‘mellow’ apple tastes partner the savouriness of cheese and ham very well.  Helvick Blonde (Dungarvan) – a gorgeous blonde beer, super with curries. Try it with the turkey curry you’re bound to make this holiday! Copper Coast (Dungarvan) – a full flavoured red ale which will handle game roasts and stews. Black Rock (Dungarvan)  – a trad stout style drink, this is the one for a plate of oysters for a real Irish blend of flavours. Beef stew also benefits from a glass of stout in the recipe and to drink with it!  Stonewell Dry Cider – plenty of apple fruit with crisp clean flavours make this a good one for a hearty fish pie. Stonewell Medium Dry Cider – rabbit cooked in cider is a warming winter dish and this cider is a welcome addition and partner for it.