Cooking a gift for life

Christmas is almost upon us and the time for shopping is nigh! Gift buying is a hell of a job. How many times can your father in law smile happily and say thanks for the socks…again. Will your Aunty really like the slippers you chose in a hurry when the shop was about to close on Christmas Eve? Of course there’s always the gift of technology. Your ideas there can be as big as your pocket. iMac. IPhone,  iPod, i Don’t know… We got to thinking about it and whilst every material gift is treasured as long as it works or lasts, there is real pleasure in giving a present that grows in worth with each passing day. The gift of good cooking will never break, be discarded when it goes out of fashion, or run out of batteries! It’s a skill we all need in some form.  There’s a class for everyone at our Good Food Ireland Cookery Schools. Our current award winner of Cookery School of the Year, Ballymaloe Cookery School in East Cork, offers classes, demos and courses for all abilities and needs. Family dinners to fine dining and everything in between!  Rattling the pots and pans Good Food Ireland style endows the message of honest local food and home cooked dishes. The gift of culinary learning to treasure forever.