We’ve talked a lot about Halloween in the last couple of weeks, and now it’s finally here. The kids have been considered in their trick or treating fun. So today we consider the adults – because we like Halloween just as much as kids do! As the day disappears and the dark descends this evening, pumpkin lanterns will be lit all over Ireland. We officially declare this changeover between day and night as Cocktail Hour for the Witching Hour! From frog’s legs to eyes of toads – wild herbs, plants and other naturally occuring ingredients were always used for spells of many kinds. This evening, a special kind of magic is to be created in a glass – with the help of Wexford artisan producers Wild About. We’ve left out the frogs legs and the eyes of toads – but we have seriously good syrups made from the homegrown bounty of Fiona and Malcom Falconer’s Wexford garden and foraging forest to start you off. These make the base for a list of cocktails to please the most elegant Masters and Mistresses of the dark arts among you! Fiona and Malcom’s cocktail recipes are tried and tested by them! And p.s. –  we’ve tried a few ourselves! Guaranteed to get this eve off to a very good start! Guys don your tuxedos and Dracula capes then brylcreem your hair. Girls – get out that little black dress, apply the red nail varnish, pointy hats and long black wigs. Polish up the broomstick or wizard’s magic wand. Paint your faces with fake blood or draw warts on the end of your nose if you must. Dust off the cocktail shaker and shine up the glasses. Your Halloween fun is about to begin…Follow this link for Wild About’s great cocktail recipes