There will come a point this evening when you will be able to put away the wrapping paper and gift tags for another year. The prep for tomorrow’s big meal will be done. The mince pies, cake and Christmas pud should be ready for the eating. Your children will be in bed early! Santy does not come to children who stay up late on Christmas Eve. Do they know this? But before they go to bed, take them outside and if the sky is clear you should be able to see Santa  passing over Ireland at around 17.20pm. According to reports from the North Pole, as told to staff at Wicklow Weather, who told us on Facebook  – Santa’s sleigh will be moving quickly from the southwest, travelling east, and will take six minutes to fly by. He will be in a bit of a rush, but he will be back later to deliver presents to children in Ireland.  As long as they are in bed.   Anyhow, we digress.  At the time of Christmas Eve night  when peace finally descends –  the time when ‘all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse’  as the famous rhyme goes, the adults  will be appreciative of a little drinkie to encourage the Christmas mood. A decadent cocktail is quite the thing. You could try a classic like Vodka Martini. Perhaps a Black Velvet with Champagne and  Guinness for an Irish taste. Try your own festive concoction with gin, tonic and cranberry juice poured long over frozen cranberry ice cubes. The possibilities are endless…enjoy it, you deserve it!