Christmas Left Overs

We must all stay conscious of  the recycling in the days after Christmas. That includes food! All that turkey, ham and whatnot can be reenergized to create new dishes for the days after the big feast.  Turkey curry ain’t the only kid on the block here!!   Make a wonderful gratin by layering sliced cold turkey into a dish.  Pour over a mix of cream, grated cheese, whole grain mustard and seasoning. Pour over the turkey, then layer the top with fresh breadcrumbs.  Bake in a hot oven till golden and bubbling and the meat is thoroughly heated through.  That’s one idea. You can use cooked turkey in a stir fry with noodles, peppers and beansprouts. Or tear the cold meat into a Thai style salad with rice noodles, peanuts, beansprouts, spring onions and pepper strips and dress in peanut oil mixed with soy, chilli and honey.  And never forget to boil up the carcass for a wonderful soup – save some of the turkey meat to add to the strained stock with chunks of fresh peeled potato, carrot and parsnip and lots of herbs. Bring back to bubbling and simmer gently, covered, till the veggies are tender.  Bubble and Squeak Cakes are a good way to use up the Christmas veggies.  Simply mash roast potatoes roughly with the carrots and parsnips and thinly sliced sprouts. Add a little sifted flour and beaten egg to bind together then form into cakes on a floured board.  Fry in butter till golden on both sides and heated through.  Cooked ham always adds flavour to soups, stews and casseroles after Christmas.  It can be frozen successfully for this.  If you had a big joint,  cut off a chunk, then mix a glaze of mustard, honey, sherry and brown sugar and smear all over. (Never cut off more than you will use for one meal when you are reheating meat)  Place ham in a dish and cover with foil. Place in a pr-heated oven till the ham is piping hot.  Remove the foil for five minutes to brown the top then serve with salad and hot potatoes.