Christmas Ham

 Ah the bliss of a twiggy fire made from sticks you’ve gathered yourself.Nothing like it. A winter walk made all the better with picking up a bundle of wind fallen wood to burn at home. Highly recommended for clearing the head. Pair the joy of revelling in making a fire the old fashioned way, with eating  a home cooked ham sandwich on brown soda bread while you watch the embers glow, and you just might have the best blend of simple pleasures  in the world. Most people will order a ham at Christmas. Our butchers supply some of the best hams in Ireland. Each has their own way of doing things. Dry curing is the old way of salting pork for bacon and ham, no added water in the process. So the last thing you want to do is introduce water to it by boiling. He recommends you oven bake the ham for a moist and tender result. It’s delicious hot with the turkey, and brilliant for sandwiches afterwards. Add a glass of red wine to the combo of the fire and the sandwiches – Season’s Eatings!