Christmas Day

By now we imagine the turkey is in the oven, sending its wonderful aromas all over the house, and you are buried under a pile of crumpled wrapping paper, delighting in the goodies you found in your Christmas stocking this morning! Our recent poll on Facebook suggested the favourite gift to give this Christmas was a home made treat. Budget conscious and extremely thoughtful too. Perhaps you were the happy recipient of a special jar of chutney, a box of homemade cookies or some hand rolled truffles? Second to gorgeous things to eat, kitchen gadgets and appliances proved popular presents among the foodies in our vote. Anything from cheap and cheerful kitchen drawer tool to a handy stick blender for whizzing things smooth, a swanky branded food mixer, or even a top of the range stylish proper coffee machine – obviously for the more flush of present purchasers! Lucky you if there was a box containing one of these waiting for you under the tree! Whatever you got, we’d love to know what foodie gift made you smile this Christmas?