February 14th is a day many girlies are likely to receive a box of chocciesIs your man just being thoughtful? Or does he have a hidden agenda? Well it’s not for nothing this food is known as ‘food of the gods’. The Greek name theobroma cacao translates as that. The Mayans offered cocoa beans up to their gods in special ceremonies. The beans were believed to have all sorts of powers! Chocolate  is one of the most widely reported aphrodisiac foods. It contains a chemical known to stimulate the ‘feel good factor’, and another one which activates pleasure centres in the brain and increases sensitivity.  Wow!  So when he turns up at the door on Valentine’s Day,with a box of the dark stuff in his hand and a glint in his eye, you’ll know he’s read this blog! Hopefully he’ll choose one from our recommended network to buy his gift. There are all top class and use the best quality chocolate to create wonderful handmade treats.  Guaranteed to have you wanting …and probably wanton…afterwards!