Cheese and Port

Writing this blog often presents a challenge. Head scratching, nose rubbing, chin stroking and brain straining are some of the actions that go on behind the scenes,  in order to bring you interesting facts and anecdotes! ‘What can I divest today?’ is the question  usually posed silently in front of a blank screen.   ‘Do you know the Bishop of Norwich?’  Why do I ask? Well it’s like this.It’s Christmas. This is one very important question if you would like a glass of port to go with an after dinner plate of lovely Irish Blue cheese.In port drinking circles, the question of the Bishop is well known.Tradition has it that the decanter of port is usually served to the right, then passed to the left. It probably comes from Naval Officer origins, as the port of the ship is on the left. So the host serves his colleague to the right then passes to the left, who will in turn serve him. This keeps the port going round the table till its all gone! But should the passing of the port stop because someone wants to hog the bottle for himself, its just not cricket to ask for it directly. Hence, ‘Do you know the Bishop of Norwich?’, which should hopefully prompt the culprit to pass it on again – assuming he’s au fait with port drinking etiquette. If he answers in a way that suggests he isn’t, or says no, he doesn’t know the Bishop, the stock response is ‘well he’s a very nice fellow, but he’s not very good at passing the port!’ That should do it!