In days of old, a daughter would bake her Mother a cake for Mother’s Day. She would present it as a gift on Mothering Sunday. This often involved a walk to Mum’s house, through country lanes and meadows, picking flowers as she went, for a little posy to go with the cake. Conjours visions of Little Red Riding Hood visiting Grandma’s house, minus the Big Bad Wolf! The modern world means less walking, more driving. Girls who don’t live at home simply hop in the car to see Mum. But that doesn’t mean cake tradition can’t be upheld! Our many artisan bakers are in full swing as we write, baking special cakes for Mother’s Day. Or you can bake one yourself if you feel up to it. An old fashioned Victoria Sponge, filled cream and a good quality strawberry preserve,  made by one of our artisan preservers,  is always a good bet to please the lady of the house. Check our Producer listings here to find bakers near you and preserves you will find in good food shops.