It was the tradition on Mothering Sundays of long ago,  for daughters to walk to their mother’s home, bringing a home baked cake to celebrate Mother’s Day.  Visions of floaty frocked ladies, skipping merrily along,  carrying wicker baskets,  holding beautifully risen sponge cakes filled with jam and covered in a delicate lace cloth,  spring to mind!  The reality today is that most daughters don’t live near enough to their mum to walk there. It usually involves a car journey. But that doesn’t mean you can’t adhere to tradition and bring the cake – and wear the floaty, flowery frock if you so choose! It is spring after all! Most mums love cake. From that simple old fashioned Victoria Sponge, to rich chocolate cake,  and everything in between.  On our Recipes list, find this stunning Carrot Cake – made with Donegal Rapeseed Oil. Moist and delicious. Your Mum will love this as a gift on Mother's Day, Sunday March 15th.