Belfast’s history reaches far wider than its city boundaries. The focus of many a news broadcast during troubled times. In those days, big names in war correspondence and political journalism chose one place to stay and use as their media hub. The Europa Hotel in Belfast City centre is iconic.  It’s sky-scraper proportions and name spelt in bold capital letters dominate the skyline. The Europa has suffered the most damage from explosives than any other in Europe. A long standing staff and General Manager have journeyed with the Europa through Belfast’s most difficult periods. Proud to be part of the team – then and now. In recent years and much calmer circumstances, the hotel welcomes significant political figures and heads of state, for formal visits, black tie dinners and of course, as the accommodation of preference in one of the most famous cities in the world.  Today Belfast is a modern city redefining its personality. Art, history, culture, couture and culinary treasures are to be found. The Europa has changed with the times also. Embracing its turbulent past, then moving onward to become a destination with the international status it deserves. As a Good Food Ireland Approved Provider, and part of the trusted Hastings group of hotels, local food drives every meal. A breakfast buffet highlights the best of local meats, porridge with Bushmills whiskey and honey, splendid pastries, farmhouse yogurts and granola, not to mention a full Irish with traditional soda farls of the region.  Dinner in The Causerie is sassy and stylish. Visit the Piano Lounge and enjoy a cocktail or two to the tunes of an accomplished ivory tinkler. Or splash out on the magnificent afternoon tea with all its elegant regalia. Here is a hotel like no other. Some of it’s history charted in photographs on the walls. Personality in spades. We love it. So will you.