Imagine the taste of butter which is made by hand, from only the freshest creamy milk, delivered to the dairy each morning from happy cows who graze the fields of a neighbour's farm. This butter is created in small batches, then hand patted with traditional wooden butter pats, each block weighed individually and skillfully hand rolled into logs, before being handwrapped in waxed paper,  just like in the old days. Do people still make butter like this? Yes they do. And we know who they are! Allison and Will Abernethy make their famous and award winning Abernethy Butter in their small home dairy in Dromara Co. Down.  They use only milk from a local farm, and the cows can often be seen grazing in the fields at the front of the house. Will expertly makes, pats, weighs and rolls every single log of butter individually, by hand. He inherited his skills from previous generations of his family. In 2005, he and his wife Allison decided to make what was a hobby into a business. They have created an award winning product which has reached the kitchens of famous chefs here and in the UK. Soon to be gracing the feasts served at this year Good Food Ireland Food Summit, run in conjunction with the dynamic annual Web Summit, which gathers thousands of the brightest brains under one roof for four days. All these delegates will be enjoying Good Food Ireland produce and cooked dishes exclusively. Abernethy Butter is one of several Good Food Ireland producers who will be making a big impression on visitors from all over the world, at the gathering in Dublin in early November. Watch this space for more news on who will be there and what they will be serving… In the meantime, look out for Abernethy Butter in stockists in the north of Ireland, and from a few good food shops in the Republic.