Brussels Sprouts

Judging by our recent commentary on Facebook, more people love Brussels sprouts than hate them! These little green balls of tightly packed leaves are deffo the veg of the moment!  Who can argue with that? Sprouts come into season in late November, and are at their best for the feast on Christmas Day. No other veg shouts Christmas like the humble sprout. Traditional preparation involves a little trimming and the cutting of a cross into the stalk end to help them cook quicker. Contrary to the popular practice of bringing them to the boil slowly, which gives the house that ‘Brussels sprout’ smell everyone remembers from childhood, sprouts should be plunged into already boiling salted water, them brought back to the boil before lowering the heat and simmering till cooked. This keeps them green. Dont cook them too soft now – they taste best when they still have a bite. But if you do manage to overcook them, there’s a simple solution. Just drain and blend them with cream and seasoning. Sprout purée! Whole sprouts are good tossed with bacon and chestnuts, or crispy garlic breadcrumbs. How do you eat yours? Feel free to let us know!