Bollinger is one of the great Champagne houses of the most famous wine producing region of France. Made in the classic way for over 200 years. It’s top flight credentials are well deserving of it’s celebrity status as a superstar drink in five James Bond movies. But who can forget the ladies who really adored this fizz as part of their daily routine. Ab Fab’s champagne swigging pair, Patsy and Edina, were known to attend any event (including the opening of an envelope…) if Bolly was on the cards. They made Bollinger into a household name with their famous line ‘Bolly, sweetie…?’, forever embedded in the hearts of those who loved Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley’s hysterical comedy take on life in the media world of London.  The Ab Fab twosome would be down at Restaurant FortyOne at Residence pronto next Thursday 25th April,  if they knew about this great event!  Bolly bubbles aplenty at our Award winning Restaurant of the Year 2012, crowned in November. . Staff at the swanky central Dublin dining space are polishing the champagne flutes in readiness. Next Thursday evening, they are going to be pouring Bollinger for a special champagne tasting,  prior to a three course dinner menu of culinary magic,  designed by Head Chef Graham Neville. Before you take your seat in the dining room, enjoy Bollinger with canapés at a pre-dinner reception and get a few expert tips from a Bollinger representative, who will talk guests through the ropes of expert champagne tasting. You don’t have to be a 007 or a media luvvie to attend. Find booking details on the link below and grab your spot right away.