Writing this blog sometimes get us tearing our hair out. A blank screen beckons – fingertips on the keyboard don’t always know which letters to type. A little inspiration is always required. Luckily, there’s a lot to talk about in food. This morning at Good Food Ireland HQ, we have some wonderful new Irish cheeses to taste. We can’t let the cat out of the bag as to what they are. But suffice to say we are certain they will be joining the ranks of fellow cheesemakers in the network. Why should you buy Irish farmhouse cheeses? Well for a start, they are usually made with milk of the cheesemaker’s own herd – be it sheep, goats, cows and even buffalo! Those that aren’t made with farm milk, use milk sourced locally. Milleens for example, is made with milk from the only two dairy farmers now on the Beara Peninsula. Not only is this an iconic cheese, made in the same way by the same family, for over thirty years – it’s also supporting two other livelihoods in the locality. Another good reason to buy Irish cheese is it can rival any made on the continent. Diversity of pasture adds taste nuances in every mouthful. Time honoured methods, style differences, dedication – and that certain intuition and passion of the cheesemaker add their own characterisitcs to the end result. Ireland is lucky to have these artisans on her soil. They work with nature to create works of art. Enjoy the fruits of their labour. Buy Irish cheeses online now