Here’s Tom Durcan smiling for the camera! He’s got every right to smile. Tom’s butcher’s stall in the English Market, Cork, is famous in the city and beyond. This is where he has produced and sold his secret recipe Cork Traditional Spiced Beef for many a year. The word is out now though, and the world and it’s aunt want some! A Cork speciality, originally sold in the run up to Christmas, Tom’s delicious Cork reared beef, marinated for several weeks in a special blend of spices, is now so popular it’s available all year round. The stall is laden with it, and the sight causes quite a stir as passers by admire and ponder over which bit to buy. They become even more pleasantly confused when they realise they can choose Tom’s home cured Corned Beef as well. Another Cork favourite which the rest of the food loving world has embraced.  The two fancy black boxes he’s holding here are stylish gift packaging for his whole pieces of spiced or corned beef. A gourmet’s gift, beautifully boxed, ready to send to someone for them to cook at home. Delivered anywhere in Ireland for a charge of €9.50. Add to this his pre-packed, pre-sliced cooked Cork Traditional Spiced Beef, which has been a roaring success since it hit selected supermarket shelves all over Ireland. Now joined by Corned Beef and Roast Beef. Handy packs of cooked sliced meats, ready to pop into the fridge to fill sandwiches, top canapes, add to salads and whatever else takes your fancy. We bet he never thought when he spiced his first beef joints almost three decades ago, they would one day make him a legend. Traditional food at it’s best, from a man who deserves his success.