St Patrick’s Day is fast approaching. Preparations are already being made in most homes for how it will be celebrated this year.  Family and friends are planning gatherings which includejoining in the local parade and get togethers afterwards,  to honour the Patron Saint. In Bandon, a certain biscuit company have just the idea for a presentation gift or keepsake this St. Patrick’s day. Seymour’s Biscuits ‘Spirit of Ireland’  biscuit tin is  a beautiful presentation keepsake tin, containing the most delectable and buttery handmade shortbread we know! Divinely heavenly,  melt in the mouth shamrock shaped and circular biccies,  rich with West Cork butter. A delicious idea for the cupboard on Patrick’s day, to have with a cup of tea or coffee, or as a gift for someone who would like a taste of home on 17th March.